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Aurora Public Library

In 1928 John Silverman first saw Mary Lou- and wrote her a letter. Their extraordinary love story unfolds in a tale of a relationship spanning six decades through courtship, marriage, separation, war, loss and sacrifice- Bound by their unbroken devotion their love affair continues through a lifetime of letters. Inspiring and heartfelt, Love Letters celebrates the power of unconditional love and the written words, "Loving you through eternity and beyond forever."


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Chocolate Covered Potato Chips.

Contemporary Romantic Comedy.

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Topical and on point, your customized presentation was prolific with information all entrepreneurs should know.

Windy City Chapter.

“Those who have read Love Letters have likened it to The Notebook.”

​​Harold News

“Inspiring and heartfelt."

"Based on the positive feedback your workshop received, we look forward to having you present at the Center again."

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A sneak peak into the Non-Fiction book P.E. Calhoun is currently working on, "How to Sell Yourself to Employers".

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